Annelise Bianchini
An American in London

with an Italian Passport

Graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


BUKOWSKI, StyleAnnelise Bianchini
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Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth GilbertAnnelise Bianchini
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The Disappearance of the Lilac TigerAnnelise Bianchini, others
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Trailer Spot-On, Sweet Spot Studio Annelise Bianchini
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Officially from New York City, I was born in Berkeley, California, but spent my early years under a rock near Boulder, Colorado. I've been bucked off a wild horse, I"ve practiced Aikido, and studied Psychology; I'm a pizza-bagel aka an Italian-Jew, a fraternal twin, a salsa dancer, and an almost-sommelier...  I am happy to finally call London home.


Before graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2017, I earned my BA in Drama Therapy at Goddard College in Vermont, my Associates in Acting from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC. I am "known for" writing, producing, and starring in Burn Pile which won the Best Film award at the James Franco Film festival in 2016. 


I have 1 UK pre-settled status, 2 passports, and 3 vaccinations against covid.


The Lowdown




From the first author known by name in world history (one author!) To the Bible (God is mad!), Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, Hebbel - to Virginia Woolf's farewell letter - we fill the Harburg city park with important texts from literary history! 

Come by and let yourself be guided to special places in the park, where actors are waiting for you who will take you on this unique journey through time!

Admission is free!

Annelise Bianchini as Virginia Wolf

August, 2021

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"There is something about Annelise… something fragile and gossamer, yet fearless. She has a quality that I think makes her very appealing to watch. People respond to her."

 Ron Stetson, Neighborhood Playhouse NYC

"Intelligent, passionate, and sophisticated, with a uniquely compelling stage presence and a

strong sense of humor; she relishes

the opportunity to delve into what makes a character tick. With a great appreciation for the subtleties of human behavior and for the power of art and language, Annelise  demonstrates extraordinary depth and sensitivity."

Ken Schatz, Artistic Director


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